Why Mobile Billboards?

  • Eye Catching 
  • Unavoidable
  • Flexible
  • Target Market
  • Focused
  • High Impact
  • Cost Effective
  • Unique 
  • High Recall
Why Roadstar Mobile Billboards?
  • Focused, flexible marketing at a specific geographic area, a specific event or a specific target market.
  • You can cover a large area of a city or metro area or even statewide without having to purchase multiple billboards.
  • You have the ability to go to the public without waiting for them to come to you.

Why Roadstar Mobile Billboards over other kinds of media?

  • Roadstar Mobile Billboards cannot be missed. When people are on the move, in their cars or at events or already shopping they are prime candidates to see your ad or message. If they aren’t tuned in or are listening to their ipod or talking on their phone you can still be sure they will see your ad. People cannot turn it off or change channels.
  • Studies have shown that Out-of-Home advertising, like billboards, is the most cost effective way of reaching potential customers. Roadstar Mobile Billboards takes it one step further. Many people are seeking to avoid advertisers with DVR’s for their TV’s or Sirius radio, etc. Roadstar Mobile Billboard Trucks allow you to bring your ad right to them, uninterrupted!
  • You can put your message in places other media can’t- Where do YOU want to advertise?