She said yes! Mobile Billboard Used to Propose to Girlfriend!

P. (the names are hidden to protect the innocent) wanted to ask B. to marry him and he wanted to do it in a special way. So P. called Roadstar Mobile Billboards to see if they could help.

We worked with P. to come up with a special art design. P. & B. had been traveling the world for years together and had seen many different places. Some of B. favorite places were England, the beach and taking cruises, we were able to combine all of them into a fun and romantic design.

It took some time to coordinate a day. P. was busy and so was B. We finally had a plan, P. was going to take B. to dinner at Don Pablos in Richfield. The great thing was that there were huge windows right next to the tables. So that’s where P. arranged to sit with B!

Our Roadstar driver was waiting at the other end of the parking lot. We had the lights turned on because it was dark.Via text messages, P. coordinated with the driver to come to the right place (in front of the window at the table right where they sat at) at the right time.

When the Billboard Truck pulled up outside the window it lit up the whole restaurant outside and inside. Everyone could see the Proposal art it really stood out and they were all looking out the windows. The women were especially smiling!

But most important B. saw the Proposal and was incredibly shocked and happy. And the best part is B. said yes to P.!

One of the great things about Mobile Billboard Advertising is the ability to pinpoint your marketing. Here we used a Billboard Truck to market to one person at one precise time. We think that’s pretty cool. If you have a specific event or a specific item we can help you design a campaign to get your ad right where and when you want it.

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Proposal Mobile Billboard