I am the person standing to the right of this advertising campaign photo.

I am the person standing to the right of this advertising campaign photo.

Hi, I am glad you decided to view my profile page and are interested in learning more information about mobile billboards and me being your exclusive mobile billboard sales person.  First off, lets get to know me and my experiences so that you know that you are in good hands with a sales person that is experienced in the field of mobile advertising and a company that provides excellent service with a complete line of affordable mobile billboard advertising products.

I have been employed in the mobile advertising field primarily working with mobile billboard trucks, mobile billboard trailers, and portable signs for almost 10 years now. I have worked with many companies ranging from smaller local businesses (Hair Salons, Restaurants, Candidates for office, Etc.), to large national businesses (Sam’s Club, Toll Brothers, Pro-Cuts, Etc.) , to advertising agencies (you know who you are) , so i know the processes needed to effectively moderate a complete mobile billboard advertising campaign from start to completion. I have placed mobile advertisements in at least 10 states in the U.S. market and implemented many successful campaigns.

My experiences include but are not limited to:

Conception and design of mobile billboard products.

Fabrication of mobile billboard products.

Design and copy writing of mobile advertising creative.

3rd party consulting for mobile advertising campaigns.

Negotiation of mobile billboard placement

Installation of mobile billboard banners and PSV.

Setup and construction of portable signage on location.

Route examination of mobile advertising service.

GPS (Proof of Performance) examination.


I am very experienced and organized in the field of mobile billboard advertising.  I hope you will consider utilizing mobile billboard advertising for your future advertising campaign, and i ask that you consider me to be your future sales person for mobile billboard advertising in Minnesota and surrounding states.

I look forward to speaking with you about mobile billboards and portable signs.

Please contact me now on my direct line!