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Mobile Billboard Campaign Completion Photo Journal

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January 13 - January 17, 2015


Woodbury, Minnesota

Coverage Area

Woodbury, Minnesota

Woodbury Dr.

Radio Dr.

Valley Creek Dr.

Hudson Rd.

Tamarack Dr.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Parked at Woodbury branch

Tuesday night, December 3o the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard arrived at the Woodbury, Minnesota branch.

It was parked here through the start of the campaign on Tuesday January 13, for a full 2 weeks of added exposure.

The nice blue and yellow “Over $5000 in Prizes” ad was parked in a place where thousands of people could see it each day, wether going to the nearby Target or the health clinic next door or passing through the Starbucks drive-thru.

On Saturday, January 10, the Wings Finacial- Eden Prairie Mobile Billboard came by and handed off the Wings Financial front and back panels.


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Tuesday, January 13, 2015
10am to 6:30pm

Got the Wings Financial Billboard Truck out and about. We started by making a big loop from Woodbury Dr. down Hudson Rd. to Tamarack Village on Radio Drive and back over to the branch via Valley Creek Drive.

Sunny blue skies, but a bit cold.

We stopped in the branch and introduced ourselves. The branch manager, Jay asked us to be at branch at 11am on Thursday for the ribbon cutting. He also mentioned that he appreciated us being out there and the visibility we were providing.

Traffic was moderate, but actually seemed decent for a Tuesday morning. We headed over to Tamarack Village (Bed Bath & Beyond, Cub Foods, Home Depot, JC Penney, Old Navy), making a pass through The Shoppes at Woodbury Lakes (Eddie Bauer, Express, DSW, Kirkland’s, Michaels). We stayed here through the lunch hour because we found lots of people!

A little after 1 we headed back over to the area by the branch hitting Target, Sam’s Club, Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Traffic was moderate. Weather was sunny, but cold.

About 2:30 the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard started moving towards the west side of Woodbury (which is actually a pretty big area to cover) to the Woodbury Village (Barnes and Noble, Byerly’s, Kohls, Target) area. Traffic is starting to get a bit thicker. We stayed around until about 4pm.

Then we traveled back to Tamarack Village, lights on inside the Mobile Billboard. This area seemed to be the busiest in Woodbury.

The final hour of the day was back near the Wings Financial- Woodbury branch with the focus being at the intersection of Woodbury Dr. and Hudson Rd.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015
10am to 6pm

Lots of driving and moving around for the morning through the lunch hour. Went from shopping area to shopping area, making passes through the busier stores like Walmart, Target, Cub Foods and Tamarack Village.

It’s sunny out and pretty warm so there seems to be a lot more traffic today.

Back near the branch the Target and Sam’s Club seem to be pretty busy as well as the Walmart over on Hudson Rd. so we are just hanging around the area moving back and forth.

About 3pm the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard took Hudson Rd., past Tamarack Village on Radio Dr. over to Woodbury Village on Valley Creek Dr. The Woodbury Village area is actually quite busy, There is a lot of traffic in both directions.

Just after 4 we went back to Tamarack Village some passes by the stores. Turned lights on.

By 5:15 we were back at the Wings Financial- Woodbury branch. We worked this area for the final hour of the day before parking back at the branch and giving the Mobile Billboard Truck a good wipedown. (It was a lot of work keeping it clean during the day because the roads were sloppy)

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Thursday, January 15, 2015
10am to 6:30pm

We stayed close to the branch because the roads were messy and the Grand Opening was at 11am. A quick touch up, wipe down and over for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. We didn’t stay around tvery long and got back on the road.

Noon, at the Walmart is moderately busy, lots of people going in and out.

Back over by the branch, the lunch restaurants were busy, as well as the Sam’s Club and Target.

1:30 the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard made a pass through Walmart again and headed west then south to Woodbury Village. There was actually quite a bit of traffic on Radio Dr. all the way from Kowalski’s on the east to Target on the west. There is definitely a lot happening over this way.

Heading toward Tamarack Village we made a few pass throughs at the City Centre intersection of Radio & Valley Creek, good left turn action here. (we make left turns in the busy intersections, getting “stuck” upfront where everyone sees us, the making a quick turn around, back for another left turn, etc. This keeps us, and your ad, out in front of a lot of people)

Inside lights turned on. Lots of traffic around Tamarack Village, we pass through a couple of times, then a pass through The Shoppes at Woodbury Lake and back over to Woodbury Dr. where we finished out the day.

A thorough clean up and we tuck the Wings Mobile Billboard in for the night.


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Friday, January 16, 2015
10am to 6:30pm

Grey skies, not that cold and decent traffic make for a good start for Friday morning for the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard Truck.

We started in close to the Woodbury branch, hitting up the usual Target and Sam’s and Walmart. By noon the sun was even starting to break through. People are out shopping, It seems like the break in the weather is lifting peoples spirits.

From here we went far west over to the Woodbury Village area. The parking lots are pretty full. Valley Creek is pretty busy, so we just kept moving through the parking lots, past the stores out one entrance and back in another, same thing several times over.

Around 2pm it’s pretty busy as we roll through Tamarack Village. Lots of people going in and out at Cub Foods and places like Old Navy and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Over across 94 at Oakdale Village (Home Goods, Best Buy) the parking lot is also pretty full.

We did a couple of trips North and South on Radio Dr., traffic is pretty thick. We have been successful at getting stuck at traffic lights.

Just after 5 we went back to the area by the branch. Traffic near here was actually heavy. Walmart, Sams and Target are all busy.

It was a good day for the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard.


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Saturday, January 17, 2015
9am to 3pm

It’s cool, not cold!

For the first part of the day we stayed near the Woodbury branch. Not a lot of traffic, but people are moving around.

The Wings Financial- Woodbury Mobile Billboard did a wide swing to Woodbury Village area to Tamarack Village to The Shoppes at Woodbury Lakes and back to the branch. Because we travel pretty slow it takes a long time. But, we found people to show the Wings Financial ad to!

By late morning, it was sunny and turning out to be a nice day. By noon traffic had picked up a lot.

We made passes through places near the branch like Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Sam’s Club and Target and all the other stores near by.

From here we went back to Tamarack Village and moved in and around all the shopping and restaurant areas. The Wings Financial Mobile Billboard attracted many lookers.

Then south on Radio Dr. to Kowalski’s area and back over to Woodbury Village on Valley Creek Dr. where we finshed up the day.

At 3pm we took the Wings Financial Billboard Truck and headed home.

It was a good day!

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