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Mobile Billboard Campaign Completion Photo Journal

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January 06 - January 10, 2015


Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Coverage Area

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Eden Prairie Center

Prairie Center Drive

Flying Cloud Dr

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Parked at Eden Prairie branch

Late night Tuesday, December 30 the Wings Financial Eden Prairie Mobile Billboard was bought to the branch.

It was parked where everyone going to and from the nearby stores and places like McDonald’s and Starbucks could see the Over $5,000 in Prizes message.

It was parked here through drive time on Tuesday, January 6. So we were able to get an additional 7 days of exposure for the Grand Opening of the Eden Prairie branch!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2015
10am to 6:30pm

Cold, cold, cold for the start of the Mobile Billboard campaign for the Grand Opening of the Eden Prairie branch of Wings Financial.

Traffic was a little slow to begin. We did a number of loops around Eden Prairie Center as well as a trip over to the Home Depot area.

Late morning, we stopped by the branch and introduced ourselves to Charles, the branch manager. He let us know that the ribbon cutting ceremony would be on Friday.

We spent the morning mostly right at Eden Prairie center driving some and then positioning the Wings ad at the main entrances so all the cars entering and exiting could see. Just before noon traffic started to pick up.

Lunch time we moved around some of the fats food restaurants nearby. We found a great place where we could back up to Flying Cloud Dr right in front of the Five Guys store.

We continued doing loops around the mall and moved in and out of the main entrances, getting “caught” at the front of the intersections where everyone could see us.

The afternoon travels included Eden Prairie Center, the other smaller strip malls nearby which include places like Cub Foods, Walmart and Byerly’s.

The Wings Financial Mobile Billboard continued loops and passes with some stopping and “parking” for the rest of the day.

At 6:30 we parked the Mobile Billboard Truck back by the Wings branch.


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Wednesday, January 07, 2015
10am to 6:30pm

Started by driving Prairie Center Dr over to the Home Depot area and then loop back towards the mall. The sun is shining and the skies are blue, but it’s freezing cold out!

Back near Eden Prairie Center traffic is still a bit slow, it must be because of the cold.

Around lunch time things started to pick up, traffic is pretty steady with some good spurts of traffic on Flying Cloud Dr.

We continued with our loops near Eden Prairie Center with drive-bys through Target and Walmart and Cub Foods and nearby Fountain Place.

About 2pm, security from the mall stopped us and told us that we couldn’t advertise without mall permission which included loops around the mall ring road. We said no problem and moved on.

The Wings Financial Mobile Billboard continued to makes the rounds in the area. It’s still really cold and traffic is still a bit slow.

We turned the inside lights on just before 5. The Wings ‘Over $5000 in Prizes’ ad really light up well. You can see people looking over at us when we are in traffic and stuck at traffic lights.

End of day. Still cold!


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Thursday, January 08, 2015
10am to 6:30pm

There was light snow, grey skies, but a bit warmer as the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard began it’s rounds.

The snow kept coming all morning so traffic was moving slowly. Nice! The blue and yellow of the Wings ad was a good contrast to the white snow.

Traffic picked up some around lunch even though it was snowing a bit. We drove our “route” near Eden Prairie Center and the area. And yes, it did include some in and out at the mall, “just to turn around”.

By 3pm the snow pretty much stopped. And by 4pm traffic started to pick up. Lights on!

We just stayed moving, albeit slowly, on Flying Cloud Dr. and Eden Prairie Dr. with passes by some of the stores nearby for the last part of the day.

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Friday, January 09, 2015
10am to 6:30pm

Sunny out, kind of cold, but traffic is actually pretty good to start the day.

We went over at the branch for the ribbon-cutting at the Grand Opening. Our driver mentioned that the employees were very nice and professional. They were pretty excited to know that they had their own Wings Financial Mobile Billboard out on the road.

About noon we hit the streets and we found heavy traffic everywhere! Yay!

We did our usual loops, making sure to get “stuck” at every traffic light we can, and we are pretty good at being right in the front so the dozens and even hundreds of cars around can all see us.

Over at Fountain Place we food a couple of good spots where we back up near Flying Cloud Dr and let all the cars passing by see the Wings Financial ad.

When the driver stopped to grab some lunch, he had a guy come and ask exactly where the Wings Branch was, hr gave him directions. He mentioned that had happened to him a number of time this week.

Focus remains mainly near Eden Prairie Center. As we are doing our driving we have been cutting through the mall roads a bit, but we keep moving through.

5pm, lights on now. Traffic is moderately heavy with steady cars going both ways on Flying Cloud Dr.

The rest of the day we followed the same pattern, many more cars and people out today than on the other days.

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Saturday, January 10, 2015
9am to 3pm

A bit chilly, grey skies, but not crazy cold as the day began.

The Wings Financial Billboard Truck spent the morning working Flying Cloud Dr, Valley View Rd and Prairie Center Dr. By 11am things were starting to pick up nicely.

We drove the usual patterns and visited the usual places. By 1pm there was pretty heavy traffic and people moving everywhere.

Although we didn’t do any stopping at Eden Prairie Center we did many of our turn-arounds by coming in one entrance and leaving through another, with no problems.

We stayed where all the action was for the rest of the day.

At 3pm the Wings Financial- Eden Prairie Mobile Billboard traveled over to Woodbury to do a hand-off of the front and rear panels to the Wings Financial- Woodbury Mobile Billboard.


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