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Mobile Billboard Campaign Completion Photo Journal

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October 24 - October 25, 2014


Madison, Wisconsin

Coverage Area

Parade Route: (Blue line)

Langdon St to Wisconsin Ave, down W Gilman St to University Ave

Homecoming Game Day Route: (Red line)
Regent St     W Dayton St
University Ave
Monroe St     N Randall Ave
Campus Dr     N Park St

Friday, October 24, 2014
4pm to 9pm

The UW Alumni Welcome Home Mobile Billboard arrived at the parade staging area on Langdon at 4pm.

It was a perfect evening for a parade! As in past years, the streets were lined with spectators. It’s fun to see how the whole community gets involved. As we moved along the parade route we got lots of thumbs up and a lot of people were taking pictures of the truck.

The UW Alumni team did a great job of passing out candy and beads during the parade. They were pretty popular, with both kids and adults.

After the parade the UW Alumni Mobile Billboard cruised the busy streets, back and forth, near State St. And we moved around campus before and after the Pep Rally. Everyone was definitely in good spirits.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014
8am to 4pm

By 8:30 am things were already getting busy. Parking lots full of tailgators. And Regent St. busy with people. And it was looking to be a beautiful Wisconsin fall day, a great day for a football game!

There really is a lot of pride and identity with the Badgers, it is literally a sea of red heading towards the stadium.

The UW Alumni Welcome Home Mobile Billboard made the rounds near Camp Randall Stadium, on Monroe St and N Randall Av, but mainly on Regent St. where the most action was. We also traveled University Av, W Johnson St, W Dayton St to catch all the people going to the game today. Kick off was at 11am.

When we were stopped in traffic, we had quite a few people taking selfies with the Welcome Home Alumni! sign as the background. We even had one lady say, “Thanks for driving the sign!”

Even at 12 noon there were still many people coming to the game. And of course, the parking lots were still full of people listening to the game on the radio or watching on big screen TVs. And the bars on Regent and the other streets in the area were doing a brisk business. Over at Union South at the Badger Bash there were plenty of people. It seems you don’t have to actually go to the game to be in the Homecoming spirit.

About 1:30 (still just the 3rd quarter) the Badgers were handily beating the Maryland Terrapins (38-0) and many people started to leave the stadium. The game really didn’t get much better for the Terrapins who got their first score in the last minute. Badgers winning 52 to 7!

The UW Alumni Mobile Billboard Truck stayed in the area, as traffic and people and the bars starterted to pick up. It really is amazing to see that mainly people in one area at one time- and yes they were very happy- and yes, all dressed in red! At 4pm, we called it a wrap and headed for home.

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