Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota

It was a great Saturday for the Rondo Days parade in the Rondo Neighborhood of St. Paul. The weather was perfect 77 degrees, sunny, nice cool breeze.

Thousands of people lined the streets of the 2 mile long parade route. There were lots of families and kids. Because much of the parade route went through the residential there were many families and groups barbecuing and having parties in their front yards. P... [Read More]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota

Sunday, June 30 was a great day for a parade. The weather was perfect, sunny, but not too hot.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Mobile Billboard Truck really stood out with it’s bright blue and bright green messages as part of the Twin Cities Pride parade.

1000’s of people lined the sidewalks along Hennepin Ave. (from 3rd St. to 13th St.) in Downtown Minneapolis.

The BCBS Team, some on t... [Read More]

Pro Cuts Shakopee

Snow in April! That made the hockey theme for the Pro Cuts Shakopee Mobile Billboard Fit right in! The purple design along with the yellowish front and back panels was very attractive and attention getting.

For most of the day we toured the shopping areas in Shakopee and west Savage. The Pro Cuts store is located at the Southbridge Shopping center which is the busiest in the area. Located there is Walmart, ... [Read More]

Pro Cuts Plymouth

The Pro Cuts Plymouth Mobile Billboard was able to be parked near the store. Having the Mobile Billboard in the parking lot gets everyone who goes to Lowes or Michels or any of the other stores to look over and see the Pro Cuts store location. So they know where it is!

... [Read More]

Mycogen Seeds Nexara Canola

The Mycogen Nexera Canola Billboard arrived at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds for the KMOT Agricultural Expo early.  The temperature was -5 and it was windy! We started near the main entrance to the Expo building near some of the  close parking lots and where the shuttle buses dropped off all the attendees from the remote parking lots. The parking areas filled up pretty quickly.  People in the Expo mainly c... [Read More]

Mycogen Seeds Nexara Canola

The Mycogen Seeds Canola Billboards Trucks in Devils Lake, North Dakota.

On the trip from Minneapolis we ran into Mycogen rep. Steve Erickson from Breckenridge, MN while getting gas in Fergus Falls.  He was very impressed and excited to see the Mycogen Mobile Billboard Truck.

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Wisconsin Alumni Association

The parade was a lot a fun and there were many spectators lining the streets! People had fun and really liked the red & white pom-poms that the alumni were passing out along the way.

The Wisconsin Alumni Association welcomed home the returning alumni in a big way by using a Roadstar Mobile Billboard Truck. And the lights from inside really made the Welcome Home Alumni! message stand out when it got da... [Read More]

Pro Cuts Coralville, Iowa

We were able to park the Pro Cuts Coralville Mobile Billboard right at the busy corner of Holiday Road/Heartland Drive and Coral Ridge Ave between drive times for added exposure.

This was the hotel were the driver was staying.

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Charity Car

For the 1st time we were actually able to park the Mobile Billboard right in the Minneapolis Impound Lot parking lot right at the entrance. (they had a new security company!)

We got great exposure. Every car, every tow truck that came passed right by. No one could miss it!

At 11:30 the lot was 2/3 empty so we took the Billboard Truck on a tour of car deale... [Read More]

Mycogen Seeds Nexera Canola

Ready to hit the road to the Big Iron Farm Show in West Fargo, North Dakota.

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