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Mobile Billboard Campaign Completion Photo Journal

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January 28 - January 30, 2015


Minot, North Dakota

Coverage Area

North Dakota State Fair Center

Minot, North Dakota

Thursday, January 08, 2015
Parked at CHS elevator

We brought the Mycogen Nexera Canola Mobile Billboard Truck from Devils Lake to the CHS Elevator in Minot, ND.

It was parked from January 8 until January 27 (19 days) right near the entrance where everyone entering and leaving could see it.

When we picked up the truck and brought it to the Blue Beacon truck wash we even had one farmer there say that he had been involved with Nexera Canola

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015
8am to 5:45pm

It was a little foggy as the Nexera Canola Mobile Billboard arrived at the KMOT Ag Expo 2015 at the North Dakota State Fair Center. We had the inside lights on because it was kind of grey and dark out.

By 9am the cars (and pick ups trucks) were coming in pretty steady. We were parked at the main entrance to the fairgrounds, nearly everyone entering looks over as they pass by.

A little light snow began to fall just before 10am. Temperature is about 28 degrees.

It seems like most of the people coming are in groups of 3 to 4 people. All of the people are parking in the outlots and taking the shuttle over to the Ag Expo.

The parking areas are pretty full and the Nexera Canola Billboard Truck is parked right where everyone entering and everyone on the buses can see us. There is a constant flow of buses moving people back and forth to the State Fair Building.

After lunch hour, we went inside to the Mycogen Booth, introduced ourselves, and let the guys working there know that we were out working the parking areas for them. They said a number of people already mentioned seeing the Nexera Canola truck.

Back at the main entrance there are still plenty of cars and trucks coming in, although it seems like most people tend to come and stay, so there aren’t many leaving.

We continued to work back and forth from Expo Building through parking areas/bus pick up to the Fairgrounds main entrance.

Even at 4:30 the parking lots were still pretty full. Then by 5 pm there started a mass exodus.

We turned the inside lights back on and stayed near the fairgrounds exit to catch as many people leaving as we could.

It was a pretty good day for the Mycogen Nexera Canola Mobile Billboard.



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Thursday, January 29, 2015
8:15am to 5:30pm

The day was much colder (6 degrees) to start than yesterday, but there still wasn’t much wind so it was pretty decent. It is Minot, North Dakota, it is January so cold is expected!

We parked just a short ways from the Expo Building to catch all the early traffic. Then we moved up to the main entrance, there is a steady flow of traffic.

Then back again to the Expo drop off area. It seems like there are lots of big groups coming today. All morning there was steady traffic heading in.

It had begun to snow some.

At the drop off “loop” it was actually pretty congested, so we stayed around. And nearly every person walking or driving by has stopped or turned to look at the Nexera Canola ad. The bright colors of the canola really pop out against the grey, dreary skies.

Through the lunch hour and well into the afternoon people kept arriving. Once again it seems like everyone is here to stay all day. It appears to be busier than yesterday.

Just after 1pm, the snow had kind of stopped so we ran to get a bite and to do a quick wash and clean up of the road mess at the Cenex just a few blocks away. It’s a self serve and the Mycogen Nexera Canola Billboard Truck barely fits (It’s 13′ tall), but it does!

We just kept moving from bus lots to the building entrance for the afternoon. By 4pm people were starting to leave. We have managed to get stuck in the “mini traffic jams”! In fact there was a line of cars all the way from the Expo building the exit at Burdick Expressway.

Today was a busy day. We stayed around until 5:30 to catch as many people as possible as they left. There doesn’t seem to be anyone that passes by that doesn’t turn and look in our direction.


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Friday, January 30, 2015
8:15am to 4:30pm

Today there are clear, blue skies and sunny out! (12 degrees)

It’s 9am and traffic seems a little slow. We’re staying near the expo building for the best exposure.

We have received several positive comments about the Nexera Mobile Billboard, lots of people smiling and waving as they pass by.

The morning was pretty sunny and the temperature actually felt warm. (It wasn’t, but we must have acclimated by now!)

10:30 up at the fairgrounds main entrance we were hoping for a heavy flow of traffic. It’s steady, but not heavy.

There are actually quite a few people today walking fromn the parking areas instead of taking the shuttle buses. It does seem slower than the past couple of days.

The drop off “loop” near the Expo Building is where we are finding most of the action today. The bus parking lots are slow compared to previous days.

We continued our tour from the main entrance to the parking areas to the drop off area for the rest of the afternoon, with close in being the most productive.

4:30pm, the KMOT Ag Expo 2015 is a wrap. And the Mycogen Nexera Canola Mobile Billboard Truck headed back to Minneapolis.

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