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July 10 - July 22, 2015


Northfield, Minnesota

Coverage Area

Minneapolis and St. Paul and suburbs, Minnesota

Area A:
West and Northwest suburbs of Minneapolis
Hopkins, St. Louis Park, Minnetonka, Plymouth, Golden Valley, Brooklyn Park,
Maple Grove, Rogers

Area B:
South and Southwest suburbs of Minneapolis
Lakeville, Burnsville, Savage, Shakopee, Bloomington, Eagan

Area C:
St. Paul and East and Northeast suburbs
Inver Grove Heights, South St. Paul, Woodbury, Eagan, Maplewood, Fridley

Friday, July 10, 2015
7am to 3pm

7:00am the McLane Hiring Mobile Billboard headed north out of Burnsville on I-35. There’s was a sunny blue sky, 68 degrees. Traffic was moderate to heavy. We followed 494 over to 169 north towards Hopkins.

7:45, at SuperValu we were able to catch some trucks as they were leaving the warehouse.

From here we followed 169 to 55 to Plymouth. There are a couple of areas were there are heavy concentrations of trucks. The intersections along 55 at 494, have lots of trucks moving almost all day. We spent some time here moving back and forth. In and out of the intersections, taking lots left turns to keep us out front were the McLane Hiring ad could really be seen.

From here we moved up to Rogers, where the TA Truck Stop, Reinhart foods, as wee.l as many other warehousing type businesses are located. We toured and “parked” at the Travel Plaza and the nearby warehouse areas, in and through some busy intersections for about 90 minutes before starting our reverse route back toward the shop.

Back near Coremark along 169 traffic was really heavy and slow, which is a good thing! We exited and entered the highway, going north, then south, a number of times.

Then as the day was starting to finish we drove back along the same route, this time in some extremely backed up, congested traffic.

It was a pretty good day for the McLane Hiring Billboard Truck.

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Monday, July 13, 2015
7am to 3pm

Partly cloudy, 62 degrees, dry.

We started the day at the McStop Travel Plaza on I-35 at County 70 in Lakeville. There was a lot of activity here, with many trucks coming and going. We stayed here for about 90 minutes, because there were lots of fresh eyeballs checking us out as we moved from place to place in the fuel area and parking area.

We took a trip east on County 70 toward the Lakeville industrial/warehouse area, then we can back and headed north on I-35 to Burnsville.

The McLane Hiring Mobile Billboard spent much of the morning moving back and forth, east and west on MN Highway 13 and US 169 from Shakopee to Burnsville. We made pass through of some of the warehouse areas including near BakeMark and FedEx. Traffic was pretty thick with many trucks out and about.

Then we made a pass around the warehouse area along Old Shakopee Road in Bloomington and headed over to the Truck Stops on US 169 and 41. There were quite a few trucks on the road as well as in and out of the stations. Temperature was up to about 82, partly cloudy, a pretty nice day.

Just before 1:30 we followed 169 to 13 to 35 back over to the McStop in Lakeville. Traffic was thick and heavy, we saw many truck drivers look over at us as we traveled.

The McStop was really busy with lots of trucks coming and going. We moved around from place to place and definitely had a lot of drivers check us out.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015
8am to 4pm

A nice sunny morning, with lots of very heavy traffic as the McLane Mobile Billboard Truck headed towards it first stop at Super Valu in Hopkins. It was slow going, which made for easy reading of the Hiring Ad!

We passed by and moved around US Foods, CoreMark and other warehouse areas in Golden Valley and Plymouth.

From here we moved on to Rogers on 494 and 94. Lots of construction really slowed the traffic which made for some good over. Up at Rogers the the truck stop was busy,  there was a lot of truck traffic on Diamond Lake and 101. The warehouses, including Rienhart were pretty busy areas.

Stayed here until about 1pm, then started our journey back. We took 94 to 694 to 169 south and there was heavy thick traffic the whole way. We were able to actually see truck drivers look over and check us out!

The whole way back to Burnsville along 169, 494 and 35W was busy. It was a good day for the McLane Mobile Billboard!

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Friday, July 17, 2015
7am to 3pm

Today we started at the Pilot Travel Plaza in Inver Grove Heights on US Highway 52. The McLane Billboard Truck “hung” around here for a while catching a lot of in and out truck traffic.

From there we followed 52 and the to South St. Paul. At Stockmans there was not a lot of action, so we took 52 up into St. Paul, with a stop by at Sysco Foods, then north to Fridley, Target Distribution center area. Stayed up here for awhile then back through St. Paul. We followed Concord down and then went back to Pilot.

1pm, back at Pilot, action had definitely picked up. Lots of in and out traffic. We stayed here until 2pm, then traveled back over through Eagan, Burnsville and finished up with a pass through and fuel stop at the McStop in Lakeville.

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Monday, July 20, 2015
8am to 4pm

The McLane Hiring Mobile Billboard headed north on 35E and then coursed through Eagan over to the Pilot Truck Stop on 55 in Inver Grove Heights. The morning was steady, but not super busy.

From here we traveled over through South St. Paul, through Stockmans area, the up through St. Paul, passing by Sysco and L’Orient warehouse areas.

Then up to Fridley again following MN 65. Everywhere we go we are being seen by a lot of truckers.

All day truck traffic has been heavy. And we’ve been in a lot of slow moving spots on the highways.

By 2pm we were back at the Pilot Truck Stop. And once again, pretty busy here. We stayed here for an hour so so. Then on our way back to the shop, we cruised through the McStop just to catch a few more truck drivers.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015
8am to 4pm

First stop McStop. There were a good amount of trucks this morning. We moved between the entrances and exit catching traffic as it was coming and going.

Then north on I-35 to Pepsi in Burnsville. Traffic is moderately heavy this morning. From here we traveled west on 13 to 169 and hit up BakeMark and FedEx as well as other warehouses in the area.

By 10:30 the truck traffic on 169 & 13 was super heavy. Over at the Holiday and SA truck stops were packed with trucks. The McLane Hiring Mobile Billboard is having a really good day, lots of great exposure. We moved between the SA and Holiday, back and forth through the busy 169/41 intersection.

We went back over to the Shakopee warehouse area, but there was not much happening, so went back to 169/41 area, which was still really busy with trucks.

Next trek, east bound on 13 to Savage and Burnsville. Great, heavy traffic. We stayed moving back and forth on 13 for the next 90 minutes because of the exposure for the McLane Hiring ad.

About 2:30 we headed back to the McStop, I-35 was busy with trucks. We found a lot of trucks there and a lot coming and going, so we “hung out” here for awhile. Our last leg was through the Lakeville warehouse area.

This was probably the best day for the McLane Hiring Billboard Truck.

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