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Mobile Billboard Campaign Completion Photo Journal

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November 10 - November 16, 2013


2111 Snelling Avenue N
Roseville, Minnesota

Coverage Area

Roseville     Falcon Heights

Snelling Ave.

Fairview Ave.

Larpentuer Ave.

County Rd B

County Rd B2

County Rd C

Friday, November 08, 2013
Friday Nov 8 through Sunday Nov 17 parked at new store

The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard was delivered late Friday afternoon to the new store at 2111 Snelling Ave. N. in Roseville across from Har Mar Mall.

It is parked here between drive times  in front of the store and has great visibility to all traffic going both north and south on Snelling. It’s pretty cool to have a full-size billboard right at the store!

The Mobile Billboard stayed at the store location until late Sunday afternoon.


Over the course of the campaign the Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard Truck made 100’s of trips north and south on Snelling Ave. which is the main road in the area and all of the connecting roads feed off of it.

Every area shopping center was visited dozens of times.

People living in, working in and traveling through the area near the new Caribou Bruegger’s Co-store saw the “Perfect Harmony” ad over and over. Good saturation! And knowing that repetition is good, we can be pretty confident in knowing that a large percentage of the people are aware of the new store.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013
5:45am - 10am and 2pm - 6pm

It was pretty dark as the Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard left the parking lot at the new store on Snelling Ave. just before 6am.

We traveled mainly in an area from Larpentuer on the south to County Rd C on the north and Fairview on the west, Snelling Ave on the east.

It was pretty slow, not too many people up this early on a Sunday morning. But, those that were out really noticed us because of the bright lights inside the Billboard Truck illuminating the Caribou Bruegger’s “Perfect Harmony” ad.

Around 8am it started to pick up some and by 9am it was definitely busier as people we’re heading for church or breakfast and the stores started to open. And the sun even began to poke through the cloudy morning.

When we started the afternoon cruise it was still cloudy, but had warmed a little to about 40 degrees.

There was lots of traffic on Snelling Ave. Rosedale Center was packed, especially on the east side by the food court and AMC Theatre. The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard continued to work the area around the mall and the nearby Crossroads Center and Rosedale Commons. Everywhere we went there were many heads that were turning to see the ad on the sides of the Billboard Truck.

By 4pm, over at the Har Mar/ Target area, traffic had really increase and was pretty busy now. People out shopping and moving around and we continued to move back and forth between here and the mall area, also traveling over to busy corners like Fairview and Highway 36 and Snelling and Larpentuer.

It was still fairly busy when we arrived back at the new store and parked for the evening.

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Monday, November 11, 2013
6am -10am and 2pm -6pm

25 degrees. Windy. Brisk.

By 6:30am Snelling Ave. had become a busy, commuter thoroughfare with lots of cars and people rushing to work. It was busy in both directions. The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard moved north and south doing “intersection X’s” at Larpentuer, Cty Rd B, Cty Rd B2 & Cty R C.

An intersection X, is where we keep traveling through an intersection, taking a left turn (hopefully getting stuck at the light), then quickly reversing direction to do another left turn and we continue this over and over. This keeps the ad on the side of the Mobile Billboard out in the middle of the intersection where lots of people can see it. It’s amazing how many drivers look over to read what the message is.

About 9:30 the stores and shops started opening and traffic started flowing to the side roads like Cty Rd B2 and Fairview Ave.

At the start of the afternoon shift, traffic was moderate. It was sunny, but still cold and windy.

Snelling to B2 to Fairview is steady traffic. Nobody out walking (windchill 10), but plenty of people in cars. We jumped into all the heavy traffic and lines of cars we could find, there were plenty of good places for the Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard to get “stuck”. (With a lot of eyes on us!)

By 4pm, it got busier as people stared running errands after work. All of the shopping areas had lots of cars coming and going. Both Snelling and Fairview seemed to be alternate routes for people to take to avoid the highways.

Our main concentration is still Snelling, moving up and down and taking the cross streets east and west.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013
6am - 10am and 2pm -6pm

Only 13 degrees! A brrrrrr start to the day.

There was not much traffic to start, but by 7am things were picking up, especially on Snelling Ave. north of Highway 36. The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard worked it’s way north and south on Snelling catching many people heading to work.

We continued to travel around the Rosedale Center, Har Mar areas for the rest of the morning. Most of the hustle was still along Snelling Ave.

By the afternoon drive start time at 2pm the temperature had climbed to 28 degrees, but the wind made it feel colder.

Traffic was moderate. We continued to work the intersections up and down Snelling Ave. and moved around, past and through Rosedale Center and the other shopping centers near there like Rosedale Commons (Old Navy, Lifetime Fitness, Old Country Buffet, Kirklands) and Crossroads Center (Best Buy, Kohl’s, Ulta)

About 4pm traffic picked up as people were getting off of work.

When the driver parked the Caribou Bruegger’s Billboard Truck back at the store he ran into a couple of girls that were trying to get coffee at the store, they asked if he had any coffee in the back of the truck, and had a good laugh!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013
6am - 10am and 2pm - 6pm

Snelling Ave was busy in both north and south directions early and stayed pretty busy with commuter traffic until about 8:30. Westbound Larpentuer was busy with commuter traffic too. This is where most of the early morning action is.

By 8:45 the rest of the roads in the area were picking up. The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard Truck continued to travel the roads in the area, Fairview, County C, County B2, County B and Larpentuer with extra focus on passing by the new store and the close by area. We are definitely being noticed with the drivers looking over at us as we pass them or they pass us and especially when we are sitting at the intersections.

By the afternoon tour the temperature was up to 48 and it was sunny. We continued to work the shopping areas and the roads in the area, again with a special emphasis on close in to the new Bruegger’s Caribou store.

There were quite a few people out and about. And it actually got kind of busy around 4pm and stayed that way past 6.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013
6am - 10am and 2pm -6pm

The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard was moving up and down Snelling Ave. greeting morning commuters on their way to work. The lit up Caribou Bruegger’s “Perfect Harmony” ad is definitely being noticed. Everybody just “has to look” and at every stoplight we see drivers looking over at us.

Traffic is steady all morning. Snelling is really busy. And Fairview, Larpentuer and County Rd C are all busy too.

It’s a pretty mild morning. No wind, 37 degrees. It feels good.

The intersection at Snellling and Larpentuer (1.0 miles south of the store) was especially busy with cars and trucks moving in every direction. When we were there a group of women joggers a ran by, pointed over and you could see they started talking.

In the afternoon we started by cruising over to the mall (Rosedale Center) working the Cty Rd B2 area and Snelling, Fairview and Cty Rd C. The temperature had warmed and that really brought a lot of people out and about.

Everywhere we were traveling today we found a lot of cars, but they we’re all moving slow and there was congestion at many corners. Highway 36 was moving extremely slow which seemed to cause people to try other routes and every road that was a through street from the usually busy Snelling to County Rd B (right by the store) had impatient people all just kinda stuck. And when you are in the Caribou Bruegger’s Billboard Truck it makes you pretty happy to be right there in the middle of all of it!

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Friday, November 15, 2013
6am - 10am and 2pm - 6pm

Today, Friday, is Grand Opening Day for the new Caribou Bruegger’s store!

When we arrived just before 6am there was a line stretching around the building. We counted almost 300 people. And we were told that some people started lining up at 6:30 the night before.

Rather than do our usual driving route we were instructed by some of the managers to just stay at our “parking spot” so the Caribou Bruegger’s “Perfect Harmony” ad on the side of the Mobile Billboard can be used as a backdrop for pictures and to attract additional attention to the store.

So, we turned on the lights inside the truck which helped light up the area and we just watched! Police, TV and KDWB were all there. There was a lot of action for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Weather was sunny and bright. Around 9 am we finished off the morning shift by getting back out on to the road with the Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard. We stayed mainly on Snelling Ave. close to the store.

At 2pm when we started the afternoon it was already busy everywhere. The roadways were the busiest we’ve seen all week. Shopping Centers like Rosedale and the Target near the new store were all packed with people.

The temperature had rising to 53 degrees and people were outside without jackets. Kind of the typical soak in the before winter comes Minnesotan attitude.

It stayed busy/steady for the whole rest of the day.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013
6am -10am and 2pm - 6pm

There weren’t too many people “up early on a Saturday” as the day began. 38 degrees and as the sun started rising the clouds were moving in.

The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard worked the roads of the area looking for people. We hit all the fitness places like Planet Fitness, Lifetime and when we went through LA Fitness we did have a guy ask us where the store was. Overall the morning was a little slow, maybe because people were expecting a rainy day.

And when we started back up at 2pm it was raining. But, everything was busy, the mall, shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores.

Rosedale Center was the center of gravity. It seemed that all roads lead to Rosedale! We moved around the area all afternoon with trips over to the Har Mar area (busy too) and to the shopping center at Snellling and County Rd C. But we mainly just stayed around Rosedale Center and the other shopping centers like Rosedale Commons because that’s where all the people were.

It was wet all afternoon, but that wasn’t keeping people for being out. And we made sure as many as possible saw that there is a new Caribou Bruegger’s Co-store open on Snellling in Roseville!

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