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November 26 - December 28, 2014


Burnsville, Minnesota

Coverage Area

Burnsville Center


Apple Valley


Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Parked at Burnsville Center- Bonus Day!

The Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard Truck was delivered Monday evening to Burnsville Center.

We parked the truck with the Savor More ad in the parking lot right on County Road 42. This was a great spot where the ad could be viewed by traffic traveling both east and west.

This is where we kept it parked when it was not on the road from Tuesday through Sunday.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014
10:30am to 6:30pm

It was snowing as the day began. The Burnsville Center “Savor More” Mobile Billboard worked it’s way around the Burnsville Center/ Burnhaven Mall area. Traffic really started to pick up on County Road 42, the main drag, about 11:15.There were lots of cars and people moving around.

From here we headed east over to the busy County 42 and Cedar Ave. area (Target, Walmart, Kohls, Sams Club, Home Depot, etc.) It was really busy over here so we made passes through some of the shopping areas and back and forth through the main intersections.

About 12:45 The Burnsville Center made it’s first trip over to the Twin Cities Premium Outlets in Eagan. (GAP, Talbots, Nike, Saks 5th Ave, Polo) It was actually kind of slow, not many people there or coming and going. We hung around here for awhile and then moved back to the Burnsville Center area.

Things had definitely picked up when we arrived at Burnsville Center. Traffic was heavy and we were very successful getting stuck in the middle of it all. One intersection that we concentrated on was County 42 and Aldrich Ave., this is the main one everyone passes through to get to Burnsville Center and all the surrounding shopping areas which include stores like Kohl’s, Target, Toys R Us, Ulta, Costco  and Cub Foods.

About 3:45 we took another trip back to Apple Valley. It was really busy over here. Especially around Cub Foods and Sam’s Club,Target and Walmart that sell groceries, people were finishing up their Thanksgiving preparations.

Lots of traffic, lots of people looking over at the nice red “Savor More” ad as we passed by. The red was a big contrast to the white snow.

Then back west on County 42 to the Burnsville Center area. Traffic and cars everywhere. The Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard continued to work it’s way in and around the stores and intersections until the end of the day.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014
3 to 11pm- Thanksgiving Day

3pm, there is very little traffic on County 42. The only place we could find any action was at the Walmart in Apple Valley so we made some passes through the area.

The Burnsville Center Billboard Truck went back to the mall and by 4:30 or so traffic was beginning to pick up. The area where I-35W and and I-35E enters County 42 was getting busy. We continued our back and forth, east to west track in front of and around the mall area.

Then we moved back east to the Cedar and County 42 area. At the Southport Shopping Center there were long lines of people in front of Best Buy and next door in front of Target. By this time it was dark so we had the lights on inside the trucks and the Savor More ad just popped! Everyone standing there turned to look at us as we passed by.

By 7pm it was getting busy, but not crazy. Everytime we passed the entrance to Burnsville Center there were piles and piles of cars heading into the mall.

Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy and WalMart in Burnsville and Apple Valley were Open and busy. Sam’s Club, Home Depot and Menards were all closed. Most smaller shops were closed.

The temperature was only 3 degrees! But, people were out.

The Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard headed over to the Twin Cities Premium Outlets. It was only moderately busy, although you could tell from the amount of people they had there to direct traffic and the ways they had cleared parkingareas near the stores they were hoping for a lot more.

At the Outlet Mall we had a manager come up to us and ask “if we were going to drive around his lot all night!” He was not happy.

At 9:30, back at Burnsville Center, people were piling in (like a Friday afternoon!) The parking lot is very full.

It’s dark, and when we are in traffic, we really light up everything around with the Burnsville Center ad. You can clearly see people looking over, smiling- and thinking, wow!, cool!

We finished out the night with parking lots tours of Target, Best Buy and Walmart.

When we parked the Mobile Billboard Truck for the night, it had started to snow, traffic was slowing, but the Burnsville Center parking lot was packed!

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Friday, November 28, 2014
6am to 2pm- Black Friday

6:00am, starting in Burnsville. It seems pretty slow for Black Friday, it was much busier Thursday night. We drove up and down County Rd 42 from County 5 in Burnsville to Flagstaff in Apple Valley. Just ok traffic.

Over at Sam’s Club and Menards and Home Depot, which were closed on Thanksgiving the parking lots were full, lots of people coming in.

About 8am we went back to the Eagan Outlet Mall. It was very slow. Light traffic, little foot traffic. We made several passes through the mall and on the roads that circled the mall. Not much happening here.

9am: We went back to Burnsville. Traffic had picked up substantially. The mall parking lot was busy, lots of traffic , lots of foot traffic.

Stayed mainly on County 42, back and forth past the mall entrance. We make a lot of left turns so we can be in the middle of intersections a lot and are really good at “getting stuck” at the front were everyone can see us.

Towards late morning the Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard Truck made it way in heavy traffic back to Apple Valley. It was much busier now, we toured the parking areas and passed by the storefronts of the businesses.

About 12:30, we were back at the Twin Cities Outlet Center in Eagan. Ok busy, but not great. This time they did stop us from passing through their parking area, (even though we were on a public street) we didn’t fight it and made a number of passes on the surrounding roads before heading back to Burnsville.

Back at Burnsville Center things were hopping, traffic heavy in all directions. At the County 42 and Aldrich Ave. intersection we could see piles of cars crossing from the other stores across 42 to Burnsville Center. It was busy and it seemed like people were on a mission.

We parked the Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard Truck in a highly visible location at the mall where everyone traveling County 42, east and west, could see it. We left it there until late Sunday afternoon for extra exposure.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014
Parked at Burnsville Center- Bonus Day!

The Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard sat right on County Rd 42 all day Saturday where all the people passing by could see it.

The bright red Savor More ad really stood out well.

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Sunday, November 30, 2014
Parked at Burnsville Center- Bonus Day!

All day Sunday the Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard continued to work as it sat in full view of all the holiday shoppers as they moved from store to store gathering Christmas gifts.

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