McLane Hiring

7:00am the McLane Hiring Mobile Billboard headed north out of Burnsville on I-35. There’s was a sunny blue sky, 68 degrees. Traffic was moderate to heavy. We followed 494 over to 169 north towards Hopkins.

7:45, at SuperValu we were able to catch some trucks as they were leaving the warehouse.

From here we followed 169 to 55 to Plymouth. There are a couple of areas were there are heavy concentr... [Read More]

Mycogen Nexera Canola

We brought the Mycogen Nexera Canola Mobile Billboard Truck from Devils Lake to the CHS Elevator in Minot, ND.

It was parked from January 8 until January 27 (19 days) right near the entrance where everyone entering and leaving could see it.

When we picked up the truck and brought it to the Blue Beacon truck wash we even had one farmer there say that he had been involved with Nexera Canola

... [Read More]

Wings Financial- Woodbury

Tuesday night, December 3o the Wings Financial Mobile Billboard arrived at the Woodbury, Minnesota branch.

It was parked here through the start of the campaign on Tuesday January 13, for a full 2 weeks of added exposure.

The nice blue and yellow “Over $5000 in Prizes” ad was parked in a place where thousands of people could see it each day, wether going to the nearby Target or the health ... [Read More]

Wings Financial- Eden Prairie

Late night Tuesday, December 30 the Wings Financial Eden Prairie Mobile Billboard was bought to the branch.

It was parked where everyone going to and from the nearby stores and places like McDonald’s and Starbucks could see the Over $5,000 in Prizes message.

It was parked here through drive time on Tuesday, January 6. So we were able to get an additional 7 days of exposure for the Grand Opening... [Read More]

Mycogen Nexera Canola

The Mycogen Nexera Canola Mobile Billboard arrived at the Memorial Building in downtown Devil’s Lake, North Dakota for the 35th Annual NDSU Lake Region Extension Roundup.

The temperature was -9 degrees, with a windchill of -27 as people started to show up for the day. Even North Dakotans think it’s cold!

The show features many different classes on subjects from the Farm Bill to Multi-Seas... [Read More]

Wings Financial- Blaine

The Wings Financial Mobile Billboard was delivered late Wednesday night to the branch located at 10400 Baltimore St. NE in Blaine.

It was parked just out from the branch where everyone entering the shopping center was able to see the Grand Opening, Over $5000 in prizes! Wings Financial ad.

It was nice to get the extra few days of on-site exposure in a way that drew attention to the location of the ... [Read More]

Burnsville Center

The Burnsville Center Mobile Billboard Truck was delivered Monday evening to Burnsville Center.

We parked the truck with the Savor More ad in the parking lot right on County Road 42. This was a great spot where the ad could be viewed by traffic traveling both east and west.

This is where we kept it parked when it was not on the road from Tuesday through Sunday.

... [Read More]

UW Alumni

The UW Alumni Welcome Home Mobile Billboard arrived at the parade staging area on Langdon at 4pm.

It was a perfect evening for a parade! As in past years, the streets were lined with spectators. It’s fun to see how the whole community gets involved. As we moved along the parade route we got lots of thumbs up and a lot of people were taking pictures of the truck.

The UW Alumni team did a great ... [Read More]

Party City Halloween

Party City Mobile Billboard #1

The Party City Halloween Mobile Billboard started the day in the Chanhassen area. We visited the shopping areas around Cub Foods, Target and Byerly’s.

It was a sunny day with the temperature around 60℉.

Around 1pm, we headed over to Eden Prairie,... [Read More]

Mycogen Nexera Canola at Big Iron 2014

The Mycogen Nexera Canola Mobile Billboard Truck is cleaned up, fueled up and ready to head to the Big Iron Farm Show at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds in West Fargo, North Dakota!

... [Read More]