Party City Halloween: Great Mobile Billboard Art

Party City did one of the best jobs of utilizing the uniqueness of Mobile Billboard advertising that we’ve ever been part of.

1) They used 2 Mobile Billboard Trucks with different ads on all sides, 4 different designs.





These are some of their best selling, most popular costumes.

13-Mobile Billboard Design Minnesota 12-Mobile Billboard Design Minneapolis

2) The wording was simple and big: Party City. Halloween. And easily read from a long distance.

3) The colors: Orange and black. Traditional Halloween, and great because they stood out on sunny days, cloudy days and especially when the lights inside the Billboard Trucks were turned on.

03-Backlit Mobile Billboard St. Paul 04-Backlit Mobile Billboard Minnesota

4) They also added the Party City logo and tagline, ‘Nobody has more party for less’ on the front and back backlit panels to dress up the trucks.

They followed the basic rules of effective billboard advertising. Your ad should be designed to say:

  1. Who you are: Party City!
  2. What you do: Sell Halloween.
  3. Call to action: Party City store nearby, stop in!

The “artwork” or photos are only there to call your attention to these things. Party City actually did this one even better by evoking emotion, especially with kids, of how great it is to dress up in a costume. Yes, adults like to dress up too!

This Mobile Billboard campaign was fun for our drivers, inspiring to the Party City managers and employees and most of all, very attention getting for the prospective customers, mainly moms and kids. Great job!

If you would like to find out other ways to use Mobile Billboards to promote your business or advertise your business please call or text Dan Eischens at 612-386-4183.

01-Backlit Mobile Billboard Minnesota 05-Backlit Mobile Billboard Minneapolis 06-Great Mobile Billboard Art 07-Design Mobile Billboard Art 08-Great Mobile Billboard Art Design 09-Great Mobile Billboard Art02-Backlit Mobile Billboard Minneapolis