NRCC and MN Republican Party use Mobile Billboard for Message against Collin Peterson

Tuesday May 28, the National Republican Congressional Committee, along with the Minnesota Republican Party used a Mobile Billboard Truck as part of their campaign to bring attention to Congressman Collin Peterson, MN District 7 position on putting the IRS in charge of healthcare.

They started in Detroit Lakes, in front of Congressman Peterson’s District Office, with a press conference featuring a statement made by Keith Downey, MN Republican Party Chair and a statement made by Torrey Westrom MN District 12 State Senator about the costs and problems and downfalls of what is known as Obamacare. And they emphasized that Congressman Peterson was one of only a few Democrat Congressman who originally voted against the bill, but has not taken any of the opportunities to vote against it since. They stated that this does not line up with what voters in the MN District 7 want.01-NRCC vs Collin Peterson Minnesota Mobile Billboard

After the conference, the NRCC/MNGOP Mobile Billboard traveled through MN Congressional District 7 to almost all of Congressman Peterson’s area offices including Willmar, Montevideo, Marshall and Redwood Falls. The journey was followed via Twitter from the MN Republican PartyMN 7th district map

Throughout the day there were people waving and many people giving thumbs up as the Mobile Billboard Truck passed by. In every city that was visited or passed through lots of people looked over to read the message on the sides of the truck.

This was part of a targeted campaign by the NRCC, other states that had Mobile Billboards linking candidates to the IRS and healthcare included Arizona and Georgia.

More information can be found here at an article from Minnesota Public Radio: MPR News or a Press Release from the NRCC

02-MN GOP vs Collin Peterson Billboard Truck 03-NRCC vs Collin Peterson Detroit Lakes Minnesota 04-MN GOP vs Collin Peterson Mobile Billboard 05-NRCC vs Collin Peterson MN Billboard 06-MN GOP vs Collin Peterson Billboard 07-NRCC vs Collin Peterson Minnesota Billboard Truck 08-MN GOP vs Collin Peterson Billboard Truck 09-NRCC vs Collin Peterson Mobile Billboard 10-MN GOP vs Collin Peterson Billboard Truck 11-NRCC vs Collin Peterson Minnesota Billboard 12-MN GOP Collin Peterson Mobile Billboard