Mobile Billboard Truck on Isla Mujeres in Mexico

Last week I was fishing just out from Cancun near an island called Isla Mujeres. We stopped on the island to get more fuel and stretch our legs. As I’m standing there, coming down the street, was a Mobile Billboard Truck! It seemed a strange sight to see on an island in the Caribbean Sea.1-Isla Mujeres Mexico Mobile Billboard Truck

Isla Mujeres is a pretty small island, less than 5 miles long by half a mile wide! And the whole “downtown” area is only 4 blocks by 6 blocks. The native population is just over 12,000 people.Isla Mujeres map

Because the island is mainly a tourist destination and because there are very few cars (not many roads to speak of), there are no billboards. But it was a great place for a Mobile Billboard and really shows the ability for target marketing using one. Mobile Billboards can be utilized in places where regular billboards are not allowed.

The Mobile Billboard was being used to promote political candidates for the upcoming elections in July. It’s a very effective way to make sure potential voters see the candidates name and message (over and over) before they go to vote.3-Isla Mujeres Mexico Mobile Billboard 4-Isla Mujeres Billboard Truck

And yes, we did catch some fish. In fact the captain of the boat took us to a small restaurant on the island where he personally prepared a grouper that we caught. He cooked it over a wood fire and we ate it on the beach sitting just 15 feet from the sea. Que rico!

If you’re interested in fishing when in Cancun head over to Puerto Juarez, you’ll find many boat captains there just outside the  entrance to the port that could help you. We paid about $185 US for 4 hours fishing including the preparation of our lunch and fixings. Beer was extra!5-Fresh Grouper on Isla Mujeres Mexico2-Fishing in Cancun