Mobile Billboard at Pride Parade in Minneapolis

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota used a combination of a Roadstar Mobile Billboard Truck, a fleet of bicycles from (an organization that BCBS sponsors) and the passing out of brightly colored beach balls to have a big presence in the Pride Parade of the Twin Cities which was held Sunday June 24,2012.

The weather was perfect, sunny and bright for the parade. The parade route followed Hennepin Ave. from 3rd St. to 13th St. in downtown Minneapolis.¬†There were 10,000’s of people lining the street, it was packed. Participants and spectators were all having a great time, they all got to see the Mobile Billboard Truck with the brightly colored ads for BCBS of MN.

The BCBS team had people on foot and on bicycles passing out thousands of beach balls with the BCBS logo on it. Our Roadstar Mobile Billboards driver was able to pace himself to allow the bikes to ride around, back and forth, and in front of the big BCBS Mobile Billboard Ad . It created a lot of fun action!