Target Market

Anywhere. Any Time. Any Day. Any Target Market.

The ability to place your ad exactly when and where you want it is a great advantage to working with Roadstar Mobile Billboards. Instead of hoping people see your ad, we bring it right to them!

Whether we are parked in front of your business or your competition, people will see your ad. We can thoroughly saturate a specific area unlike regular billboards, radio, TV or direct mail. The way we move your ad around some people might see it several times in a day, and repetition does work.

Your ad is actually out and about moving around where your new customers are shopping, and looking to buy. Our job is to make sure they know that YOU have what they are looking for.

If there is a special event like a tournament, or fair, Roadstar Mobile Billboards can actually bring your ad right in the middle of all the action, we catch people coming and going.

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Dan Eischens at or call him directly at 612-386-4183.