Route Strategy

There are different types of campaigns:

Many people ask, Do you just drive around all day? Not at all!

We use our many years of experience in the billboard business to put your ad in front of the maximum numbers of potential customers.

One highly-effective strategy involves parking your ad in high visibility locations for 10-20 minutes and then moving slowly for 10 minutes or so to another high visibility location. People may see your message several times in one day, all at different points- imagine the impact!

We put your ad exactly WHERE YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE! We put together a route to get your message in front of the people you want to reach.

When we move, we move slowly (and courteously). We actually like being stuck in traffic!

When we stop or park, we strategically place your ad where everyone can see it.

And we take a lot of left turns- this let’s more people see your ad.

If we know that there will be high concentrations of people in a certain area we can drive your ad right to them. We can move in and around high traffic areas.

– Many businesses find it very effective to just put their Billboard Message right at their location. It draws a lot of attention to have a 200 sq. ft., double-sided, full color billboard sitting in your parking lot!


EXTRAS– We also have Overnight Parking Campaigns with all night lighting available.

There are front and rear lighted panels on all our trucks available so your ad is seen coming and going for a small extra charge.

For more information contact Dan Eischens at or call him directly at 612-386-4183.