Our Trucks

Roadstar Mobile Billboards Trucks are designed specifically for the purpose of mobile billboard advertising. They move through the streets, highways, and parking lots where your target market live, work, shop and play putting your ad directly in front of potential customers.
Mobile Billboard Truck
ILLUMINATION: Our billboard trucks are equipped with high intensity backlighting to make your ad shine brightly and stand out during the evening or at night. We can even have all night campaignsBacklit Mobile Billboard .

EXTERNAL SOUND: Our trucks have external speakers so you can ad music or an audio message to highlight your ad as it rolls through the streets and crowds.

PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS: Our drivers are your ambassadors as they move your ad around. They are well dressed and groomed. What’s more is that they are taught courteous driving skills. We are very conscious that we aren’t driving a truck, we are moving your message.

CONSTANT CLEANING: We always want to make a good impression, so every day that your ad is displayed we wash our trucks. And throughout the day our drivers stop to inspect your ad to make sure it always looks great. Even in the winter!