Digital Mobile Billboard Truck in Cancun, Mexico

I was on vacation last week in Cancun, Mexico. I went with my wife and her family. We ate, we chilled, it was a much needed break.

But I got excited when I saw all the Mobile Billboards being used. On the main road there were Mobile Billboard Trucks for places like Senor Frogs and Margaritaville. I even saw a Mobile Billboard on a small island just a few miles off the coast of Cancun, called Isla Mujeres, it was advertising for political candidates for the upcoming elections in Mexico.

What really got me excited was seeing a Digital Mobile Billboard Truck. This one was parked right at the edge of a busy round-a-bout intersection in the middle of rush hour. It had ads on it for different political candidates. For a billboard guy like me, it was pretty cool!Digital Mobile Billboard Truck 2
Digital Billboard TruckDigital Mobile BillboardActually that has been one of my dreams for Roadstar, to have a full digital, full motion Mobile Billboard Truck. 200 square feet of bright, changeable ad space on both sides of a Billboard Truck. And even having the front and back panels being digital would be way cool.

I can imagine all the unique marketing ideas. Wouldn’t it be pretty attention getting to be stuck in traffic or in the middle of an intersection and seeing the ad change? Maybe a radio station could have ads on the sides that would change as each different song played on it’s station, in real time!

At sporting events or concerts or outside a club, we could even bring the Digital Mobile Billboard there and play live, full action, real time video. Or maybe being able to bring a specific political message right into the middle of a rally or in front of a government building would be super effective.

Think of how it would look at night! You see all the stationary digital billboards, they look great. Can you imagine what you could do with a Mobile Digital Billboard? I can!

A guy’s gotta dream!

This is what I’m talking about!

Digital Mobile Billboard Truck