Caribou Coffee & Bruegger’s Bagels Open 1st Co-Branded Store

Friday, November 15 was the Grand Opening of the first Caribou Coffee and Bruegger’s Bagels Co-branded store with both together under one roof. It is located in the St. Paul suburb of Roseville on Snelling Ave. across from the Har Mar Mall.

Caribou and Bruegger’s hired Roadstar Mobile Billboards to help with the promotion of the new store and concept. The ad on the side of the truck promoted the “Perfect Harmony” of brewers [coffee] and bakers and features large photos of a Bruegger’s Bagel sandwich and a hot cup of Caribou Coffee.

The Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard spent 7 days traveling the roads of Roseville and Falcon Heights near the new store letting people know the new store was opening soon. The day was divided into 2 shifts, morning, 6am – 10am and afternoon from 2pm – 6pm. The morning concentrated a lot on Snelling Ave. (which is the street the store is located on) which becomes a virtual highway with 1000’s of people commuting to their jobs. We traveled north and south, while making many left turns (which keeps us out in front and in full view of the most people) at the busy intersections at County Rd C, County Rd B2, County Rd B and at Larpentuer Ave, itself very busy as an east-west thoroughfare.

As the commuter traffic started to slow, the shopping traffic started to grow so the Caribou Bruegger’s Billboard Truck transitioned into moving in and around the shopping centers in the area like Rosedale Center, Rosedale Commons and Har Mar Mall as well as the nearby Target and a variety of other malls and strip centers nearby.

Afternoons started back at the shopping areas and included nearby grocery stores and fitness centers. Everywhere we went you could see people looking over at the Caribou Bruegger’s ad. It’s hard to miss a full-size 10’x 20′ billboard that’s right there in traffic next to you. You just have to look!

As it got a little later in the afternoon the traffic started picking up again as people got off work and traveled home or started running a errands like heading to banks, getting groceries or going shopping and the Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard Truck was right in the middle of all the action.

Over the course of the week, we made 100’s of trips up and down Snelling Ave. and all of the other streets close to the store. There was a lot of time “happily” stuck in traffic or sitting at stoplights in busy intersections. We visited all the nearby shopping areas dozens of times. When it was dark in the early morning or later in the afternoon we had the lights on inside the Backlit Mobile Billboard so everyone could see the Caribou Bruegger’s ad. Whether daily commuters, local residents or area shoppers the Caribou Bruegger’s Mobile Billboard was seen by them over and over delivering the message about the new store Grand Opening.

08-Caribou Brueggers Mobile Billboard 09-Caribou Brueggers Mobile Billboard 13-Caribou Brueggers Minnesota Mobile Billboard 21-Caribou Brueggers Minnesota Mobile Billboard 01-St. Paul Mobile Billboard 24-St. Paul Mobile Billboard 27-Caribou Brueggers St. Paul Billboard Truck 28-Caribou Brueggers St. Paul Billboard Truck 30-Caribou Brueggers Billboard Truck 36-Caribou Brueggers St. Paul Billboard Truck 39-Caribou Brueggers Billboard Truck 47-Minnesota Mobile Billboard Truck 49-Minnesota Mobile Billboard Truck 54-Minnesota Mobile Billboard Truck 55-Caribou Brueggers Billboard Truck 57-Backlit Mobile Billboard Truck 59-Caribou Brueggers Grand Opening Mobile Billboard 60-Caribou Brueggers Grand Opening Mobile Billboard 62-Caribou Brueggers Grand Opening Mobile Billboard 68-Caribou Brueggers St. Paul Minnesota Mobile Billboard 73-Caribou Brueggers Backlit Mobile Billboard Truck 74-Caribou Brueggers St. Paul Minnesota Mobile Billboard 81-Caribou Brueggers St. Paul Minnesota Mobile Billboard 83-Backlit Mobile Billboard Truck